Well, go ahead and lie to me
You could say anything
Small talk will be just fine
Your voice is everything
We owe it to love
And it all depends on you

Speaking as an asthmatic citizen (not too severely, only when it's cold or ragweedy), I must raise an issue. Wait. Scratch that. Speaking as someone with a working nose, I must voice my distaste for people who must have an aura of at least 10 feet of odor surrounding them at all times.

Perfume and cologne have their place in society. That place is normally nowhere near me, but I accept that some people like the stuff. Personally, it makes me wheeze, but only in huge doses in close contact. Right?

That's how it should be, at least. Then you have men who decide that if a couple spritzes of Axe attract hordes of women, they can get all of the women on the planet by using the whole damn bottle at once.

If their goal was to render everyone nauseous and/or dead by their scent, then I guess they win. But good gravy, people. Lay off the stuff. If you have an odor problem big enough that you are forced to mask it with this crap, see your family doctor and let the rest of us breathe.

Rant off.

So, I got a 97 out of 100 on my Statistics test. I'm still waiting on the results of Monday's test in Child Development, but I'm hopeful. I missed one big question, but I think I can still scrape by with an A or high B. Here's hoping!

Government, I am less hopeful about. The fact that we are required to write an entire essay addressing 7 to 10 points (at least) and a couple overarching questions in 30 minutes is just utterly absurd. I understand college is supposed to be hard, but that's not hard, that's impossible.

It's impossible to have an entire essay outlined from the get-go, because he doesn't offer us any real sampling of what will be asked of us. Anything from any lecture is fair game on his tests, meaning we have to prepare everything and narrow it down when we get there. That can take a few minutes alone, just getting your points together.

At least, that's what I believe. I tend to find essays on which I just take off running end up being really weak.

Meh. I hope his rubric isn't evil.

I love the teacher, so much, but that was rough!

So, the meat of this post. Lengthy, I know, but I've finally gotten myself out of the rut that I had been dwelling in for... well, honestly, a month or two. It was a gradual decline, but it stuck around for a good long while.


J called me to let me in on some news. All of our struggles may be coming to an end, in regards to his living situation and how we're separated.

Basically, the Nice Boss has given him leave to go once he's finished the small tasks they still have for him to do around the place. He can continue doing contract work for them, and, the point we're waiting to hear back on - hopefully they will be able to legally agree that J has been employed with them for 12 months, come August, so that he may go to school here, with me!

We can live together, and be at peace. We'll try to find him a job around here, just in case things don't quite work out as smoothly as possible, but the biggest struggle is all but complete.

J was terrified of jumping ship and feeling like he had abandoned the people he cared about and who, arguable as it may be, care about him. So, the fact that they have agreed to let him go with no anger is a big relief.

At least, that was the last word heard. The Nice Boss agreed to all of this. They're apparently having a meeting of sorts to suss all of this out, so it could reverse itself should the Tyrant Boss decide he can't quite give up his reign over J.

We'll see how it goes. I'm not worried, though, just hoping everything turns out all right. We have ways of dealing with everything in its own time.

I find it hilarious that, despite my fretting and crying and stressing for the past few months, nothing was ever really made as far as progress goes, yet the very day after I finally recover from the depressed slump I was in, everything seems to come together favorably.

Life is funny that way. God is, too.

I don't know how particularly active and intervening I believe God is, but sometimes, I think those who do well to show the right kind of love to people around them and show what a Godly person should be like, get rewarded in the way their lives turn out.

Call it karma, call it good juju, call it happenstance. Call it what you will, but I'm happy it's worked out well, so far, at least.

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